Cofounder of HDE Engineering And Project  Hasan SARI  was born ind Trabzon Arsin and is a member of a family that Works at construction business since nearly a century.Later the family worked at Machine, Mechanics and Engineering business and also at contractor.


At 1954 in Trabzon his grandfathers started at construction business.


After this first step with the development of industry in Turkey they started at Machine, Mechanics and Engineering business.


Muzaffer SARI foundet SARIKAYA INS.LTD.STI. at 1993 and take part as contractor at big projects for 15 years.


Hasan SARI the founder of HDE Engineering and Project won experience and learned to look from different angels to the developing industry  at big companies between the years 2007-2014.


By blending this experience with the knowledge that comes from the family he created HDE Engineering And Project at 2015

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